When the all-new BMW 5 Series launches next year, the Bowers & Wilkins Diamond Surround Sound System becomes an option not to be dismissed lightly. In the same way that BMW engineers push the boundaries of automotive engineering, the sound engineers at Bowers & Wilkins continually strive to create an unmatched audio experience.

The Diamond Surround Sound System is designed to be aesthetically and acoustically pleasing. The tweeters’ domes are made of a thin layer of artificial diamond, the material’s stiffness-to-weight ratio makes it perfect for delivering true clarity of sound – reaching frequencies well beyond the range of human hearing. These domes are subtly illuminated underneath rigid stainless steel grilles. The grilles’ Fibonacci pattern is itself visually stimulating but, more importantly, it enhances the audio quality, allowing more sound to reach all corners of the car. This quality is further enhanced by the fact that 16 speakers have been strategically placed to ensure exceptional sound reaches every possible passenger. This system has been designed in detail, to create an audio experience you won’t find in any other car. Bowers & Wilkins have pulled elements such as their Nautilus spiral diffuser from their iconic sound systems and adapted them for BMW to create the pinnacle of car audio excellence.

If you take as much pleasure from exceptional sound as you do from driving, you’ll be pleased to know that as a reader of BMW E-nthusiast, Bowers & Wilkins and BMW are happy to offer you a 20% discount on the Bowers & Wilkins retail Range, just visit the New Zealand supplier and use the promo code at checkout “BMW5Series”*. That way you can experience perfect sound from the comfort of your home and the comfort of your brand new BMW 5 Series.

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*Offer only available online for the remainder of December.

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